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Anonymous: do you read clique fanfiction?

itsmorganchambers: The real question is why has this not been made into a TV show on Disney Channel?! 


…….or atleast abcfamily or something.

"“Do you work at the grocery store? Then why are you checking me out?”
― Lisi Harrison, Best Friends for Never"
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"Alicia, do I sell fertilizer?” Massie asked.
“No, why?” Alicia fell for Massie’s setup.
“Then why do you think I give a crap?”
― Lisi Harrison, Revenge of the Wannabes"
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Anonymous: I've heard people mention that the last book hints at Derrick not being totally 'over' Massie, can you clarify if this is true? I'm unable to find it! Thanks, have a great new year! :) 

Well, it has been a while since I read the last book and I’m honestly not sure. I will say though that I totally shipped Massie and Derrington together so I feel like I would remember if that happened. 


Sweetest baby in the world, I melt.